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5kw Solar System

This kw solar System is designed to small home and small office with its 1 kw 2 kw solar panel kit and 1 kw inverter, the System is designed to run on batteries for up to 4 hours of power on a full power outlet. This kw solar System is a peerless solution for somebody who wants to improve energy efficiency and run their business in a smaller amount of space.

5kw Solar System Off Grid

This solar System is designed off of an 2 kw solar panel, it requires an 1 kw inverter, but it will work with any brand or model solar panel. It's an unequaled substitute if you need a solar System without the hassle of getting a brand-new solar system, this System can be used on a small home or small garden, and it's effortless to set up. This 5 kw solar kit is prime for folks searching into solar energy, it includes an 1 kw solar panel and an 3 kw inverter, making energy production up to faster. It's will require a standard electricity bill, so make sure your power bill is on the lower side with this kit! This is a solar System that includes an 1 kw solar panel and an 2 kw solar panel, it will produce 3 kw of power. The System will have an inverter that can produce up to 300 watts, this 5 kw solar System is designed to provide power to an off-grid home garden from a standard inverter. The System imparts a kit price of $5, 000 but it is available as an 2 kw kit and an 5 kw kit, the 2 kw kit includes a standard inverter, while the 5 kw kit includes an 2. 4 ghz band inverter.