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Patriot Solar Generator

Patriot solar Generator is a fantastic solution for your needs, we are the only company that makes it possible to generate power using only the sun! Our solar panels are the highest quality in the market and can generate up to 1800 watts of power. This means you can power your from the comfort of your home.

Patriot Solar Generator 1500

This Patriot solar Generator 1500 w is an exceptional power for suitors who feel that their power is being taken from the public by private companies, this Generator is manufactured with 4 Patriot solar panels that will provide power during the night, making it top-rated for use in a dark home or office. The package also includes a solar panel charger and a special lead time, so that you can try before you buy it, the Patriot 1500 solar Generator is a first-class solar power battery for individuals who need power during the summertime. It imparts an 100 watt performance and can power an engine for up to 12 hours, the solar battery also presents a temperature range of 25- learns to coast instructions for individuals who are new to solar power. The Patriot solar battery is fantastic for individuals who ache to power their home or office during the summertime, the is an 12 v 100 ah sla battery for the Patriot solar line of portable generators. It can be used to create a solar power system, and options for power back up or power during power outages, this battery is aged an agm type battery management system makes it facile to charge and manage the battery. The Patriot solar Generator also includes an agm battery price of $129, the Patriot solar portable Generator is an 12 v 100 ah sla agm battery-upgraded version of the popular Patriot solar portable generator. This Generator can together power your favorite green issue project with 2 panels, delivering 1500 w for a small, companionable person, the Patriot solar portable Generator is puissant for renewable energy projects or just powering your everyday needs.