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Solar Shade 3 Piece Sunshade Set

This solar Shade Set is sensational for individuals hot summer days! The eat-in Sunshade will add some extra Shade around your porch or garage while the 3-piece Set will reach up to reach the sun in the moonlight, this is an excellent Piece of kit for any home or office that needs some extra shade.

Solar Shade 3 Piece Sunshade Set Ebay

This solar Shade Set is practical for identification when you're sunbathing or outdoors, the three-piece Set includes a "std" shade, a light source shade, and a dark source shade. The Shade is in standard size, while the light source Shade is l size, they are about 1-inch in height. The Set includes 2 side shades: one with a light source and one with a light source, the shades are made of durable materials that will protect your skin. The Set also includes a handle and a card with information about product, this is an 3-piece kit that includes a solar Shade and a silver foil sunshade. It is exquisite for a new or retro style car top, the solar Shade will help to control the light within the car and the silver foil Sunshade will help to protect the this Set of three solar Shade 3 Piece Sunshade Set will add a final Piece of art to you or garden. The gears and challenges of the solar system are seen in these three shard-shaped shades that Shade the entire auto or garden, the Set includes two side shades which can be turned into a comfortable automatic sunshade. The three-piece Set includes a sunshade, lens and loupe, the Sunshade is good for indirect sunlight and the lens for direct sunlight. The Set also includes a bookmarks system and a guide to make setting up easy.