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X Dragon Solar Charger

Looking for an electric power bank that can battery charge your devices? Look no more than the X Dragon solar charger! This powerful Charger can handle quite a bit of power, giving you and your devices a fair chance of being saved on power bill, plus, it's got 300000 mah of power so you can make or break your electronic lifestyle with this type of charger.


NEW X-Dragon Solar Charger



Xdragon Solar Charger

The solar Charger is an 500000 mah solar power bank that charges two usb devices at the same time, it can charge devices on aa basis of 50% or 100% and 5 w or 10 w at the same time. The Charger grants a type-c waterproof rating and is compatible with both the usb 2, 0 and 3. 0 types, it provides a red and green led type-c charging indicator and a type-c data port for adding data wow, or 3 ds) to the battery. The solar Charger is additionally compatible with the sun's energy and can be used with solar panels on the ground, this X Dragon solar Charger is an 500000 mah portable external solar power bank dual usb battery Charger for phone. It can charge your phone's battery up to 2 X times normal power due to the included 500000 mah battery, the X Dragon solar Charger is again a top tool for packing a large battery for travel, as it offers 10000 mah of power in addition to the standard usb 2. The solar power bank presents both an usb type-a and type-a++ connector so you can easily charge your devices while out the solar Charger will also work with your phone's usb type-a connector, the solar Charger also offers a temperature range from 30 degrees to 50 degrees fahrenheit, meaning you can charge your devices in the coldest possible conditions. This solar power bank is designed to power up to 300, 000 mah of battery power over usb 2, 0 and3 y usable officers. The battery is backed by a waterproof design and three panels that will deliver power to your device whether you're trying to leave for work or stay connected when you get back.